NetApp Technomercials

Creating Video Guidelines

Made at First Person


Project Manager: Cameron Baxter
Account Manager: Drew Fiero
Creative Director:
 Nathan Hackett
Art Director : Allison McBeath
Animators: Allison McBeath, KK Lin, 


Learning The Language of a Brand

Brand guidelines are the language of a brand.  Most brand guidelines are made for print work; beautiful when thought of as a single image, but when they are in motion they can limit the use of video or instantly break the rules.  There is a subtlety to bring motion to a brand that we at First Person love.  Making things move while keeping the spirit of brand and the guidelines alive is a puzzle that we love to solve.

New Guidelines, New Rules

In 2015, NetApp reworked their brand guidelines and asked First Person to partner with them to help bring their brand to motion.  
Starting from scratch, First Person worked directly with the brand and video team to learn the new brand, create guidelines and themes for different internal styles of videos and bring motion to the new NetApp brand. 

Learn The Brand, Learn The Meaning

We studied the brand, learnt the new rules and listened to the explanations and reasons for the changes.  With this insight, we followed the NetApp core principles of  SMART, DIRECT, SOLID and WARM With every motion test, style frame or idea, we would cross reference these principles to make sure the motion fit the NetApp brand.


Initial Tests

Defining Motion

Our tests helped us take the brand guidelines and understand how they can move.  With every test, we cross referenced the feel of the animation with the four pillars of the brand.  

The new NetApp brand had come to life.  We had created rules for smart colour usage, created standardised opening logo animations with variation options, transition options, rules for line weights and a language for the movement of Data.  We finalised all these findings in the NetApp Technomercial Guidelines.


Video Examples