Remember Me Titles  

I was extremely lucky to work on Sparklight Films' feature film Remember Me.  

Directed by Steve Goldbloom and starring Rita Moreno, it was a blast to have a small part in this great movie.  A great group of creatives making films because they care.

Remember Me premiered at CineQuest Film Festival 2016.

Film Titles : Nathan Hackett
Production Company: Sparklight FIlms


The Process

When we first started the process of the titles, the 6 key stakeholders, which included the Director, Executive Producers and Associate Producer, weren't exactly sure what they were looking for design wise.  These explorations and style frames helped us narrow the idea into the final titles.

Each round gave more insight into what was needed and wanted.  The final titles came from the colours of the first scene of the film, where Vincent (Steve Goldbloom) is recording pickups for news radio.  His life at that point in the film is this booth.  It envelops him and is his world.  It is all he cares about.   We wanted to match the feel of this booth to the colours of the tiles in the animation.  As I animated the pieces, I wanted to give the blocks of colour life.  I referenced the animation of the equalizer light animation in a sound recording studio to create the individual speed and personality of each coloured block.   

The following frames show the thoughts and ideas I had creating the titles.