Nomadic Landscapes 

Music Video


The music is the landscape, always changing and creating hills and ridges to get lost in. If you look from another angle, it is a whole new landscape.

Zaion's created the idea for his album Nomadic Journals while traveling the world.  The album was a collection of the sounds, thoughts and feelings he had on this trip.

Creative Director: Nathan Hackett

Tadashi (Zaion) and I met in Japan when we both played the venue Milk in Ebisu.  He was playing in the band 13cm and I was playing in ettouchi.  We all hit it off and became mates.  He moved to San Francisco in 2006 and I followed in 2007.  We went to shows and played music and just had fun.  When he was making his debut solo album, he asked me to play on the opening track, Nomadic Landscapes, I was pretty bloody excited.

After it was released, I created this video for Nomadic Landscapes.  Tadashi and I would talk about his travels and places we had both been and I realized that everyone has their own perspective on places.  You travel to the same places but the people you are with, the weather and time of year changes your perspective.  With this in mind I created this video.

It is based around simple expressions that react to the music to push solids away or towards each other.  The solids were place in 3D space and then I moved the camera around the composition to show different views of the same thing.  Just like when traveling, this piece is actually one thing, viewed from many angles that creates different places and feelings.

I was in a really big Oskar Fischinger mood when I made this.  His use of colour blows my mind and so the colour palette is heavily influenced by him.