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Made at First Person

Citrix came to First Person to create two videos, one as an overview on Mobile Workspaces and one on Citrix’ own Mobile Work Suite.  A Mobile Workspace is an always on, always connected work environment that follows people wherever they go on any device.  Citrix has it’s own Mobile Work Suite that is a single flexible solution.  After researching and creating style frames, First Person made the two videos in a bright and fun style to explain all the points of the Citrix Work Suite in a fun and easy to understand way. 

Account Manager - Brandon Grande
Executive Creative Director - Marcello Grande

Project Manager - Jessie Mizrahi
Creative Director - Nathan Hackett
Art Director - Ally McBeath
Animator - Janelle Plaskett
Storyboards - Nathan Campbell
Style Frames - Nathan Campbell

Editor - Jessica Schorer
Writer - Miller McMillan