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VMworld Team

VMworld 2014



Made at First Person

First Person partnered with Foghorn Creative and Jack Morton Worldwide to produce the 2014 VMworld Opening.  Incorporating 6 dancers, 3 screens, motion graphics, 3d animations and motion capture for a live audience of over 10,000 people, the VMworld 2014 Opening was huge.

San Francisco’s Girls’n’Boomboxes created a custom soundtrack while the choreographer worked with dancers that integrated seamlessly with the 1P graphics.  


Executive Creative Director - Don Richards
Executive Project Manager - Rick Voigt

Account Manager - Drew Fiero
Project Manager - Libby Luna
Production Assistant - Meg Underwood

Creative Director - Nathan Hackett
Art Director - Carlos Tsoi
Animators - Orme Dominique, Michael Rigley, Junyoung (Pigle) Chung, Alec Cummings, Nathan Campbell
Editor - Jessica Schorer
Photographer - Meg Underwood

Choreography - Andrea Wilson-Medvitz
Choreography Assistant - Judson Emery
Dancers - Judson Emery, Sasha Mallory, Christina Black, Taeok Lee, Jasmine Mason & Matthew Kazmierczak

Music - Girls'n'Boomboxes (Harald Boyeson)
Sound Design - Harald Boyeson




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