"A Day Made of Glass 1"

Vision Piece

Made at Westernized

RoughHouse and WESTERNIZED for Corning
From the creative eye of Director Dave Mackie, "A Day Made of Glass" combines cinematography and visual effects to create a new standard for glass commercials, and corporate videos everywhere.

The story follows a family interacting with glass in all sorts of exciting ways. The challenges of simulating a world of the future were met by a talented team of creatives that had to take a concept through a live-action shoot and into a complicated post-production and editing process.

Client: Corning
Agency: Doremus
Creative Director: Michael Litchfield


Director: David Mackie
Executive Producer: Lisa Tesone

Lead Producer: Todd Lindo
Producer: Brian Berberich
Creative Director: Marcello Grande
Visual Effects Leads: Christian Castaneda & Nathan Hackett
Senior Art Director: Scott Bartholomew
Visual Effects Artists: Weihung Yin, Luke Witosky, Junyoung (Pigle) Chung, Hernan Santander, Alec Cummings

On Set