Cable Labs Event
NCTA in Washington DC

Made at First Person for Ivory Worldwide

Staged live performances with holographic sequences that reinforced how high-speed, low-latency cable technologies have potential to enhance our day-to-day. Presented as part of the cable industry’s global symposium for technology leaders and government officials.

Ivory Worldwide
Executive Producer - Mike Paxson

First Person
Account Manager - Drew Fiero
Project Manager - Jessie Mizrahi

Creative Director - Nathan Hackett
Visual Effects Supervisor/Art Director - Carlos Tsoi
Greenscreen Director - Ty Bardi
VFX Artists - Junyoung (Pigle) Chung & Robert Kim
VFX Pipeline - Ali Poursamadi
QC & Final - Jessica Schorer

R&D and Behind the Scenes

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 6.36.09 PM.png