eBay - We Are 20!

Sellers Event 2015

Made at First Person for Instinctif Partners

First Person has a long history of creating graphics and animations for large scale events.  From crazy aspect ratios, animated led’s to motion captured dancers, we love to create engaging and inspiring visuals that will be seen in large scale so when Instinctif Partners wanted to find a partner to help them create animated and live action content for eBay’s 20th anniversary event called “We Are 20” at the San Jose Convention Center, First Person was an easy choice. 

Executive Creative Director: Richard Pemberton
Project Manager: Lawrence Behrs

First Person
Animation Account Manager: Drew Fiero
Animation Project Manager: Cameron Baxter
Animation Creative Director: Nathan Hackett
Animation Art Director: Casimir Forlanski

We worked closely to incorporate the strategic business value and needs from Instinctif’s creative team with the animated and live action visuals for the event.  Our visuals helped Instinctif convey eBay’s reaffirmation of their commitment to their community of buyers and sellers  who are the foundations of the eBay platform.  We interviewed sellers and created visual stories that showed this commitment.  

First Person delivered over 130 assets and the event went off without a hitch.  The day one opening video was the perfect intro for new CEO Devin Wenig’s keynote speech.  He received a standing ovation and the Instinctif and eBay teams couldn't have been happier.  The interviews made people laugh and consider new ways of using eBay while the graphics package gave information and made the brand come alive with movement.  

It was another successful event, brought to life by Instinctif and First Person.

Mega Trends Day 2 Opener

First Person created a fast paced motion graphics opener for day two of the conference.  The videos aim was to excite the audience and show  important information and megatrends happening in the buying and selling environment.  The video was a rally cry to the eBay seller community.  Showing opportunities and how eBay and sellers could work together.

Customer Interviews

Nine eBay sellers were invited to be interviewed about their experiences with eBay.  They spoke about the benefits, growth, global community and tips and tricks to help other sellers.  The interviews showed the reach and work options that eBay has enabled.  The interviewers explained that no matter the size of your business, there is a community of sellers who have been through the same problems and triumphs.  
Direct from sellers mouths to other sellers.  The interviews were funny and insightful giving a small peak into the lives of all different types of sellers. 

Devin Wenig Speaker Title

One of the many titles we created for the key note speaker introductions.

Walk In Animation

The walkin was used while the audience walked in and out.  The animation had to resolve on one of the key messages of the event without feeling like a simple loop.  We used 3D space to create space and unexpected shapes with the colored balls.  The camera floated through this world to reveal the key messages.