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Creative Director and Director at First Person .  

I have come from a background of on & off set visual effects supervision, compositing & project management to the world of story, ideation and directing.  I love visual effects, but all the bells & whistles are pointless without story & reason.  A great visual effects shot will always look out of place if it does not complement the story; no matter how cool it is.  

I love creating an idea and bringing the stories to life.  Seeing it through from scribbles in a notebook to a final piece.  From the sleepless nights working out an idea, pitching to client to directing on set and post production, I really dig every part of the process.    

I have traveled all around the world, living in the UK, USA & Japan, although, my Japanese is limited to booger jokes.

But most importantly, my mother thinks I am a catch.

Desert Island 5

Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream
Dandy Warhols - Dandy's Come Down
múm - Yesterday was Dramatic, Today is OK
Cornelius - Point
Sean Lennon - Into The Sun